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My name is Sveta. My name's meaning is Light. My main task is to elucidate the true purport of the cosmic dance of Shiva. I see it now as a flash of light, as an opulent radiance of truth and love, as cosmic harmony and exact expression of the eternal calendar and Great Time (Maha-Kala). See my photo gallery.

True Meaning of the Vedic Chrono-Dance and Theater

According to my recent findings mainly after reading the book by Prof. M. I. Mikhailov "Key to the Vedas", I see clearly that Shiva's Vedic Dance symbolizes the Calendar Time, the End and the Beginning of the Year, the rotation of the universe, represented by the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, the Seasons, the Months, the Day and the Night, the Hours, and other units of Time.

You are about to discover this mystery through our illustrations, translations from "Bharata-Natya-Shastra", and commentaries to them.

Bharata-natyam's Poses
performed by Sveta

Bharata-natyam's Hastas

24 Samyukta-Hastas (Joined Hands)

24 Asamyukta-Hastas (Singled-Hand Gestures)

16 Devas and Devis (Gestures of the Gods and Goddesses)

Sveta's Kala-Yatra Show

Bharata-Natyam's Best Indian Performers

"Ananta" (the Infinite Cosmos) in Odissi performance

two different cosmic dances
of Shiva Maha-Kala or
Benevolent Great Time

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