Tandava Cosmic Dance

True Meaning of the Vedic Chrono-Dance and Theater

The cosmic dance of Shiva symbolises the Calendat Time, the End and the Beginning of the Year, the rotation of the universe, represented by the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, the Seasons, the Months, the Day and the Night, the Hours, and other units of Time. You are about to discover this mistery through .

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Initiation into Oriental Dances

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Sveta Barkun

Tandavam or Dance of Destruction of the World and Year

Lasya Dance also known as Aananda Tandavam or Dance of Bliss

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Read the books by Dr. M. I. Mikhailov "Key to the Vedas" depicting extraordinary chronoprogramming mechanisms of the Vedas; the First Book of "Valmiki-Ramayanam" entitled "Youth", tr. into Russian with astronomical commentaries; Russian translation of the Patanjali-Yoga-Sutra; some Poems by Kshemendra; Pancatantra (Russian); novel "Jwar" by Madhu Bhaduri (Tr. from Hindi into Russian) and "The River of Blood" by Parthasarathi (Tr. from Tamil into Russian).

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