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     Bollywood Dance
Arte y sciencia


Bharata natyam

Art and science



International Diploma of the Academy of Arts "Kalakshetra".
Professional dancer and choreographer.

- Figure skating title - Master of sport.
- Training in classical ballet and folklore with choreographer Olga Nikolaevna Tolstaya, National Ballet of Belarus
- University of Economics Studies, Belarus
- International Academy of Arts "Kalakshetra", Chennai, India, in particular - choreographer, artist, dancer in classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam and Indian folklore.
- Studies of Carnatic music and singing
- Studies and diploma in Sanskrit and Tamil languages
- Training in Belly dance and folklore in Cairo with Raquia Hassan.
- Studies of flamenco with Carmen Lucena y Maria Dangla in Alicante.

In 1992, organized the first school of Indian dance and Bollywood "Saraswati" in Minsk, Belarus.

Acting for the Queen Elizabeth II and presidents from different countries.
Presentation of various television programs in Spain, Belarus, India, Egypt.
Sveta has acted as an actress in a comedy series on television for the first channel in Russia, and has choreographed dances for several Hindi movie Bollywood. She starred in the documentary "Art is universal language" Almouty Films in India.
Sveta has had training in Indian dance and Bollywood with the best teachers of India: Djanardanan, Narendran, Balagopal,, Krishnaveni Lakshmanan, Vijayalakshmi and others. Belly dance has studied with great teachers as Raqia Hassan, Dr.Mo. Geddavi, Kamal Naem, Momo Kadus, Nabil Mabruk, Hammad Hossam, Alaa Youssef, Atef & Magda.

Choreographer of 4 dance spectacle -

"Origin of the Dance" presented in the Minsk and Spain,

"Radha" presentation for Ambassador of India,

"Middle Way", presented in Alicante, theater Arniches and

"Love , Women and Dance "presented on the stage" auditorium ", Alicante.
The shows reflect different life issues through different dances: Indian, Arabic, Bollywood and flamenco.
Sveta has been invited to perform and teach master classes in Egypt, India, Russia, UK, Spain and others.
Sveta, presents new projects for shows, festivals, performances and shows.

Weight loss program is approved by most advanced dietitians, is made for people who want to improve and enjoy life, knowing himself.

Newspapers in Spain: Information, Truth, 20 Minutes, Las Provincias, VEU, etc.x.
In Spain programs:
Channel 9. (Interview and performance). - 2001, 2004
Channel 37. (Interview and performance). - 2007
Canal 7 Murcia. Program "That's life" (Interview and performance) - 2008
BBC1 "Destination Spain" (Valencia II, Svetlana) - 2010
Metropolitana. "Take Heart" (interview and performance) - 2011
In Belarus:
BT Belarus, TV1
In Russia:
TV1, TV Series "Uskorennaya pomosch" Chapter 13.
In India:
dance program on Sun TV Channel



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