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12. KATAKAMUKHA (“link in a chain”)

12. KATAKAMUKHA (“link in a chain”)

The forefinger and middle finger touch the thumb.

The tip of the forefinger and the side of the middle finger are applied to the tip of the thumb, the third finger is bent beside the middle finger, and the little finger is also bent, but to a less degree.

Bring your thumb together with your index and middle fingers. All fingers are stretched and active. Stretch your ring and little fingers upward.

According to T. A. Gopinatha Rao, " Hindu Iconography," Vol. I, pt. i, description of terms, p. 16, this hand (syn. Simhakartfo) in images is generally intended to receive the daily offering of a fresh flower, and this is supported by the Ajaijta usage. This hand is also used in teaching and is known to some iconographers, perhaps incorrectly, as Vitarka mudrd.

Second variation of this mudra is when you maintain Kapitta hand with the thumb and index finger while extanding the middle finger forward and the ring and little fingers upward. the thumb of the Kapittha hand is thrown forward.

This hand originated when Guha received instruction in archery from Siva.

Its sage is Bhargava,

its colour coppery or gold,

its race is Deva,

its presiding deity is Raghurama.



Viniyogas (Meanings)

  1.     Kusuma-apachaye (“plucking flowers”);
  2.     Mukta-srak-damnam-dharanam (“wearing a necklace of pearls or flowers”);
  3.     Sara-madhya-akarshanam (drawing the arrow at the center of the bow”);
  4.     Nagavalli-pradhanam (“offering betel leaves”);
  5.     Kasturika-adivastunam-peshana (“preparing paste for musk etc.”);
  6.     Gandhavasana (“to smell”);
  7.     Vachana (“to speak”);
  8.     Drishti (“glancing”).

Additional meanings:

  1.     holding a mirror,
  2.     holding reins,
  3.     breaking a twig,
  4.     cleaning the teeth,
  5.     plucking flowers,
  6.     embracing,
  7.     holding a discuss,
  8.     holding a fan.


Single-hand (asamyukta hasta) gestures or Mudras of Indian Dance


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