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Tripataka HASTA ('Three Flags')

2. Tripataka
("Three Parts of the Flag")

The third finger of the Pataka hand is bent.  From Pataaka, bend the ring finger into horizontal position at the lower joint.

It is so called since Shakra (Indra) and others held the vajra weapon with three parts of the "flag", leaving out the third finger.

Its colour is red,

it is of Ksattriya estate,

its sage is Guha,

its patron deity is Shiva.

According to Dhanamjaya ("Dasharupa", I, 126) the Tripataka hand is used in stage whispers (janantika) to shut out the others when only one person is addressed out of several present on the stage, e. g. "Shakuntala", vi, 24.



Viniyogas (Meanings)

  1.  Natya-arambha - Beginning of the Dance (or Drama)
  2.  Vaari-vahay  -  Rain clouds
  3.  Bhana - Forest
  4.  Vasthu-nishay-dhanay - Forbidden things (avoiding things)
  5.  Kucha-sthala - Bosom
  6.  Nisha - Night
  7.  Nadyaam - River
  8.  Amara-mandala -  the abode of Immortals, Heavens
  9.  Thuranga - Horse
  10.  Kandhana - Cutting (Ignoring)
  11.  Vaayu - Wind, the god of Wind, the Moon
  12.  Shayana - To sleep (reclining)
  13.  Gamano-dhyama - Walking (Going on a long journey)
  14.  Prathaapa - Prowess (Praised)
  15.  Prasaada - To Bless (Graciousness)
  16.  Chandrika - Moonlight
  17.  Gana-dhapa -  Strong sunlight (Unbearable)
  18.  Kavaata-paatanam - Opening and closing the door (Knocking)
  19.  Saptha-vibakti-artham - Mentioning of the seven cases
  20.  Taranga - Wave
  21.  Veethi-pravaysha-bhava - Entering a street
  22.  Samatva - Equality
  23.  Anga-raagaka - Massaging / Applying sandal paste
  24.  Aatma-artham - One's self
  25.  Shapatham - Taking an oath
  26.  Thooshneem-bhava-nidharshanam - Silence, Secret act
  27.  Thaala-patra - Palm Leaf (To write a letter)
  28.  Kayday -  Shield
  29.  Dravyaadis-sparshanam - Touching things
  30.  Aashirvaada - Benediction
  31.  Kriyaa - Good Deeds, Blessings.
  32.  Nripa-shreshthasya-bhaavana - An emperor or a Powerful King
  33.  Tatra-tat-raychi-vachanam - To say this or that ("Such and such")
  34.  Sindhu - Ocean, Wave
  35.  Sukriti-krama - to be good
  36.  Sambhodhanam - Addressing (a person some distance away)
  37.  Purogaypee - To move forward
  38.  Kadga - Sword
  39.  Roopasya - Form
  40.  Dhaarana - To wear
  41.  Maasa - Month
  42.  Samvathsara - Year
  43.  Varsha-dina - Rainy Day
  44.  Sammarjana - To sweep

 When a student completes learning he/she recites:
 Yevamardyeshu Yujanthay Pathaaka hasta Bhaavanaah.


Single-hand (asamyukta hasta) gestures or Mudras of Indian Dance


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