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  28 Single-hand (asamyukta hasta) or Mudras (gestures)
of Indian Vedic Dance and Yoga
(Hasta means 'Hand'.)


1. Pataka

2. Tripataka

3. Ardhapataka

4. Kartarimukha

5. Mayura

6. Ardhachandra

7. Arala

8. Shukatunda

9. Mushti

10. Shikhara

11. Kapittha





16. Sarpashirsha













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I hope you find this site interesting and useful; it’s intended to be an invaluable resource for all Bharatanatyam fans and dance studios owners all over the world, especially Indian dancers living in Spain and Europe, UK, USA and other English speaking countries. I’ve been running various internet sites and services dedicated to the Bharatanatyam dance form, its history and literature for fifteen years now. Over that time, the ways in which they’re provided have changed, but there are some things that are constant - it takes time and effort to provide free services on the internet, and a certain amount of money. One way around that is to use advertising based services, or sponsorship, but that’s not something I believe in doing.

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We have a ftp service, along with many manuals and books, photos and videos. There’ll also shortly be more parts of the site coming online, providing useful extra services - all free - to help people aquire basic knowledge of Indian dances, Indian mythology, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bangla and Tamil literatures and languages.

So, it would be great to have assistance with keeping the various other parts of the site up to date. Once again, if you want to be involved, contact

One of the sections of the site that we’d like to expand is the Bharata-natya-shastra section. We are translating and analysing it from the standpoint of the groundbreaking calendar-astronomical theory elaborated by Dr. M. Mikhailov in his book "Key to the Vedas".

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