Head movements or Shirobheda

Head movements or Shirobheda

Shirah means "head" in Sanskrit. Nine head  movements express nine emotions (nine bhavas).

    Sama: head is kept straight.
    Udvahitam: head is moved upwards.
    Adhomukham: head is bent down.
    Alolitam: head is in circular movement.
    Dhutam: head is moved from right to left.
    Kampitam: head is nodding up and down.
    Paravrittam: head is turned to the right or to the left.
    Ukshiptam: head is turned and raised.
    Parivahittam: head is shaking.



Mudras of Indian Dance and Yoga

Shloka from Natya-shastra:

Sama udvahitam adhomukha-lolitam
Dhutam kampitam cha paravrittam ukshiptam parivahitam
navdhakathitam shirasa natyashastra visharadaihi.

The following Video will demonstrate the head movements.

asamyukta hastas or mudras

  There are twenty-four samyukta or joined-hand hastas, which function, supposedly, was to denote 24 Lunar fortnights of the Year or Prajapati.

samyukta hastas or mudras

joined-hand gestures
of Bharata Dance and Yoga

Eight eyes movements

Head movements

Neck movements

samyukta                     asamyukta

Video Lessons

Cosmic Dance of Shiva

Books and astronomical theory of the Vedas by Prof. M. Mikhailov


For watching the video Click here.

Shiva Maha-Kala's two different cosmic dances

Read about the chronometrical meaning of the cosmic dance of Shiva and its two variations:

1. Rudra Tandava Dance and

2. Lasya Dance

Lasya Dance  Moon the Choreographer  Tandava Dance

Lasya                          Nataraja                         Tandava

Read the books by Dr. M. I. Mikhailov "Key to the Vedas" depicting extraordinary chronoprogramming mechanisms of the Vedas; the First Book of "Valmiki-Ramayanam" entitled "Youth", tr. into Russian with astronomical commentaries; Russian translation of the Patanjali-Yoga-Sutra; some Poems by Kshemendra; Pancatantra (Russian); novel "Jwar" by Madhu Bhaduri (Tr. from Hindi into Russian) and "The River of Blood" by Parthasarathi (Tr. from Tamil into Russian).

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