Tandava Cosmic Dance

True Meaning of the Vedic Chrono-Dance and Theater

The cosmic dance of Shiva symbolises the Calendat Time, the End and the Beginning of the Year, the rotation of the universe, represented by the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, the Seasons, the Months, the Day and the Night, the Hours, and other units of Time. You are about to discover this mistery through .

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The ChronoMeaning of the Rudra Tandavam

Rudra Tandava is the dance of destruction of the Year in an aureole of Fire (Agni) on the winter solstice day or Maha-Shiva-Ratri (Great Benevolent Night).

His matted hair and marks of ash on the forehead represent the darkness of the night sky and burned out months. The trident symbolises the three divisions of the sky and the year: two solstices and equinox. The hourglass drum or 'dumaroo' symbolises the flow of hours and minute coordination of different planetary cycles.

He lifted his left leg over a demon representing the destroyed power of all precedent Lunar Monts. The snakes crawling over his arms, legs, and braided hair depict serpentine paths of the Moon, the Sun and the other Planets. Though His dance symbolises the so called destruction of the universe his hand show us gesture to "Be fearless". The destruction is not absolute. The End of the precedent Time cycle means the Beginning of a new one.

A skull on his head depicts the End of the Month and conquest over death of Time. Goddess Ganga in his hairdo epitomises the holy river of the Zodiac. His three eyes represent three phases of the Lunar month symbolically speaking the Moon of the bright fortnight, the Sun of the dark fortnight, and Agni or the First Day of the Full Moon.

Lasya Dance

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Dances of Nataraja

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Lasya Nataraja Tandava

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