Bharatanatyam dance Performance by Anita Ratnam — Indian Classical Dance Sirulu Minchira, the composition that Anita Ratnam, the famous Bharatanatyam dancer presents here is a traditional dance piece. It is usually taught to young dancers. [More]
In today’s Bharatanatyam video we will learn to do 1st step of ​jati Adavu. In this​ step the sound will be ​ta ki ta. Watch here step by step process of doing this step. Check [More]
Dance performance by international dancer Ms. Irina Iskorostenskaia Ms. Irina Iskorostenskaia is from Russia. She started learning Dance at the age of 6 at the Ballet School in Moscow. Initially she joined private tution from [More]
Indian classical dancers performing Odissi and Kathak dance forms at Nritaya Sangam, organised by ICCR in Delhi. The Odissi dance of Odisha (Orissa) is one of the six acknowledged classical dance forms of India. Like [More]
A trio of Indian classical dancers performing Bharatanatyam dance form at Nritaya Sangam, organised by ICCR in Delhi. Bharata Natyam, also spelled Bharatanatyam, is a classical Indian dance form that originated in the temples of [More]
Kuchipudi is an Indian classical dance originating in Andhra Pradesh, India, but popular all over South India. According to legend, an orphan named Siddhendra Yogi founded the Kuchipudi dance-drama tradition.
In today’s Bharatnatyam video we will learn to do different Jatis in Bharatnatyam. Watch here the step by step process of doing Jatis in Bharatnatyam in this tutorial video. आज के भरतनाट्यम वीडियो में हम [More]