Odissi dance- Indian classical dance form

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An odissi dance performance by Amrit Setia, Prapti Gupta, Pihu Shrivastava, Devika Seth, Pragati Malik & Vaishali Saini.

Traditionally an Odissi dance recital starts with Mangalacharana, where the dancer dedicates herself to the Almighty and begs forgiveness from Mother Earth for stamping feet on her. Thereafter, she begs apology from the audience of any shortcomings and pays obedience and seeks blessings from her Guru. In Mangalacharana dancers will begin with a prayer to Goddess Saraswati: Manikya Veena Mupala Layanti…….. written by Mahakavi Kalidasa. In this shloka the Goddess has been depicted as “Jagat Janani”, “Vak Vilasini”, “Sangeet Rasike” and “Kalyani.”

The next item is Shankarabharana Pallavi. The word “Pallavi” has been derived from the Sanskrit word “pallava”, which means the bud of a leaf, or the shoots of a tree, which are very tender. As a small seed grows gradually into a large tree, in Pallavi, a tune is sung in a particular raga and it develops gradually into different varieties. In this item equal importance is given to dance as well as music and rhythm. The movements in this item are extremely graceful and lyrical.

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