Music composed by T.V.Raju, the song shows a classical dancer performing for the village people. NTR and Krishna comes to the performance. Directed by B.S.Narayan, the song has amazing dance sequence. 
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Natanam Adinar (Bharatanatyam)
Nyna’s Bharatanatyam performance at the Sunnyvale Temple
Le Bharatanatyam est une danse classique indienne originaire du sud de l’Inde. Son apprentissage est long et difficile.En voici une légère démonstration, filmée et montée par Patrice Boccanfuso, TVR avril 2010, Pondicherry – INDE.
Bharatanatyam dance by Harinie Jeevitha. bharata natyam indian bharatnatyam bharathanatyam dancer classical india karana
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The costumes of dance behave like a skin to the dancer. With dancer’s performance, dancer’s costumes have a measure role in winning heart of peoples. A gorgeous dance costumes can give a great boost in [More]
Bharatanatyam dance Performance by Anita Ratnam – Indian Classical Dance Sirulu Minchira, the composition that Anita Ratnam, the famous Bharatanatyam dancer presents here is a traditional dance piece. It is usually taught to young dancers. [More]